Hello! Welcome to my research!

Throughout the Spring Semester of 2020, I will be working on my research project analyzing how a change in complexity affects the Q-Learning reinforcement learning algorithm. All of the code that was created for this project is available on GitHub.

Semester-Ending Update

Now that the semester is over, I am able to share my results with everyone. The poster that was developed for CURO is avaialable here. At the same time, a final presentation that was hosted over Zoom is available here. I would like to thank everyone for taking an interest in my reserach and taking the time to look through it.

Title Due Date
Introduction to the Project 01/21/2020
Setup 01/21/2020
Basic Snake Prototype Part 1 01/31/2020
Basic Snake Prototype Part 2 02/11/2020
Basic Q-Learning Integration 02/21/2020
Conclusion for Basic Snake Game 02/28/2020
Revamping the Snake 03/06/2020
Revamping the Algorithm 03/13/2020
Conclusion for the Snake Revamp 03/20/2020